Trump made the possibility of war with Iran

Трамп допустил возможность войны с Ираном

Trump has threatened to strike Iran if Tehran will do “some things”.

The President of the United States Donald trump doesn’t want his country fought a war with anyone, but it is ready to respond harshly to Iran, if need be.

“If Iran will do some things, then we will strike him like never before,” said trump reporters on Monday in Washington.

He assured that he does not want wars in the world. “However, it may happen that we have to fight,” he warned.

Speaking about how you can influence the country without using weapons, trump recalled the ability of the US to exert a powerful influence on the economies of other States.
The President explained that he didn’t want to drag the US into the war, as the U.S. military returning home from distant lands – one of his key campaign promises.

“One of the most horrible things I have to do is write letters to parents (of the dead soldiers – Ed.)”, – told the trump. “I have to tell them that their child was killed in the middle East, and – it is unclear why he gave there life,” he added.

“Sometimes it’s time to fight. But sometimes the time when you need to act smart and not to fight,” concluded trump.

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