Trump must appoint Amy Coney Barrett to replace judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Trump must appoint Amy Coney Barrett to replace judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg

WASHINGTON | Donald Trump has chosen conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court of the United States, US media reported Friday, advancing well-placed Republican sources.

The US president is due to announce on Saturday afternoon the name of the judge he has chosen to succeed the progressive “RBG”, who died last week from cancer.

According to CNN and CBS, it should be Amy Coney Barrett, regularly cited as one of the two big favorites since the Republican billionaire indicated he wanted to nominate a woman.

The choice of this practicing 48-year-old Catholic, mother of seven, opposed by personal conviction to abortion, could galvanize the conservative religious electorate on which Donald Trump largely relied to be elected four years ago.

But the Republican sources mentioned by CNN and CBS do not rule out the possibility of a “last minute turnaround” by the president.

The other lesser-known favorite is Barbara Lagoa. Born in Florida 52 years ago to parents who fled the communist regime of Fidel Castro, she would constitute for Donald Trump a political asset of weight in this potentially decisive southern state for the presidential election of November 3.

The magistrate appointed Saturday by the tenant of the White House will then have to be confirmed by the Senate, where the Republicans have the majority.

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