Trump opens a Pandora’s box

Trump ouvre une boîte de Pandore

Donald Trump wants to restart the american economy as soon as possible. All the leaders of the world want to restart their economy as quickly as possible. But at what cost in human lives ? And in the case of Trump, with what impact his possible re-election in November ?

Beyond appearances, some of the statistics are disturbing.

According to the world health Organization, about 56 million deaths that occur each year in the world, 10 million are linked to heart disease, 6 million STROKE patients, 3 million of chronic respiratory diseases and 3 million to respiratory infections communicable.

Even with a mortality rate higher than that of the flu, the COVID-19 is not as deadly as many diseases.

Why stop the economy of the countries infected by the COVID-19 with quarantines, hard, if a relatively small number of people die ?

Swedish example

The Swedish government has chosen a form lean of quarantine.

The shops are remaining open, as are schools, for children under 16 years of age. Large gatherings have been progressively banned, but groups of 50 people or less are always allowed.

However, the authorities are asking the Swedes to comply with measures of social distancing.

Results ? With a rate of about 150 deaths per million people, Sweden does better than most european countries. But its figures are less good than those of the other scandinavian countries, which may thus hope to get out of the pandemic, earlier than Sweden.

End of the quarantine

Let us return to the United States. The situation there is very different from that of Europe and in particular Sweden.

The quarantined there appeared late. All States have not enacted. They are often poorly adhered to by a significant part of the population.

In these conditions, it is obvious that a lifting of the measures would be hasty, and that it would pounce on the number of deaths in the United States, especially as the us health system is much less good as the Swedish system.

Trump believes, it seems, that fighting the COVID-19 is not worth the economic sacrifices that the United States agree. So much the worse for the dead.

The economic situation in the United States is all the more critical that 40% of Americans are unable to live more than a month without income and that federal assistance is minimal, is slow to reach them.

Where the events in the four corners of the country to lift the quarantine. Hence the encouragement of Trump protesters.

Trump goes as far as to suggest to violate the quarantine. No doubt he hoped to win votes among them.

Civil disobedience

But, in doing so, Trump calls for civil disobedience. A dangerous strategy in a country that has never been so divided since the Civil war in 1861.

Trump may not be wrong to question the strategies of the quarantine hard. Follow the chinese example probably wasn’t the policy the more inspired to fight against the COVID-19.

However, as often as not, the solutions proposed by the american president may prove to be worse than the evil it wants to fight.

It has possibly opened a new Pandora’s box.

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