Trump personally ordered to block military assistance to Ukraine, Taylor

Трамп лично приказал заблокировать военную помощь Украине, - Тейлор

Temporary charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor in his testimony to the US Congress on the case concerning the impeachment of trump confirmed that the American President personally ordered to suspend the provision of military aid to Ukraine.

“During the next secure conference call with national security Council on July 18, I heard an employee of the budget office said they are withholding the allocation of Ukraine military assistance for the defense, but could not explain why,” said he, adding that later in the regime, when they were not heard by others, the same employee of the SNB said that her boss has instructed to stop the release of funds under assistance to Ukraine until further notice.

In the end, Taylor found out that the order to block aid to Ukraine came from the President trump.

“I learned from the budget management of the NSC that this instruction came from the President (Donald trump. – Ed.) the head of administration of the NSS, and further to this (budget) management,” he told the U.S. Congress.

Recall, the U.S. Congress approved the allocation of Ukraine $ 250 million on the line of the Pentagon, but in July of 2019 the US President Donald trump has asked the acting chief of staff of the White house Mick Malvani to suspend the allocation of funds. The money was unfrozen only in the area on 11 September after numerous requests from Congress about the reason for this decision.

At the same time, trump and a number of American diplomats tried to make the investigation against Ukraine hunter Biden, the son of one of the main political rivals of the American President.

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