Trump played the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (VIDEO)

Трамп разыграл наследного принца Саудовской Аравии (ВИДЕО)

The President of the United States Donald trump played the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman during the summit of “Big twenty” (G20) in Osaka Japanese. Video of the incident was posted online.

The footage of the video can be seen as a tramp, passing at the table of the Prince, touched his right shoulder. When Ben Salman turns that no one sees, because the American leader has passed on. Turning to the other side, the Prince looked at the head of the White house, who nodded to him with a smile.

It should be noted that during the summit with crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, also met the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In the course of the negotiations they reached agreement on the extension of the deal, OPEC+ on the reduction level of oil production at the same level.

The G20 summit in 2019 was held in Japan Osaka on June 28-29. Following the summit of “Big twenty” will be held in 2020 in Saudi Arabia.