Trump rips Biden and Pelosi as “Tuzik warmer”

Трамп рвет Байдена и Пелоси как «Тузик грелку»

“Troubled times come, Gangrene, vague…”the Movie “Antikiller”
The further the story develops with attempts to put trump through impeachment, the brighter the impression of deja vu. If it’s just a fantastic movie about a secret biological laboratory, with which you lost contact. And all who go down to check, immediately catch the unknown muck, turning into zombies, are subject to immediate ejection.
Here there was currently a Joseph Biden. Built into politics and her career slowly monetized, observing the rule of gentlemen, not to spoil the house. Outside the metropolis – this is as much as necessary. However, there it a semblance of decency was observed, without taking bribes directly in a portfolio with a carry. Another thing to hold in top position in local oil and gas monopoly of his son. High salary for nothing – it’s not a bribe, right?
And it all went well until the rule of the gentlemen worked. But biting at the bit the Democrats behaved elephant in a China shop. For, as they thought, the most important short-term objective is to impeach the President of America – they have got supposedly with high morals in the hamper of dirty linen. Trying to fan the hysteria over the Russian intervention in the American elections, opponents of the trump suddenly came into the hands of Kiev and out of habit tried to hang it as charges.
The present occupant of the White house and played organized classical Ukrainian gambit. And the further the story unwinds, the stronger becomes the Association of Ukraine as godforsaken quagmire, inexorably sucking in the swamp to her every touch. Even such a monster, he loves to talk to Lukashenka, as the United States.
Had the US democratic party their leading candidate in opposition to Trump in the upcoming election 2020. And it is no longer his. Fallen political hero’s death. For a small share in the business for his son. Couldn’t resist even 26% at the beginning of this October. Today its rating is estimated at 18% and this seems to be is not the limit. And why? But because it lit up too murky Affairs in Ukraine.
Further – more. Use telephone conversation to trump with Zelensky as grounds for investigation grounds for impeachment want the President of the chamber of representatives of the U.S. Congress, a staunch “Democrat” Nancy Pelosi. And just like in that movie – has not passed also weeks as the bog began to tighten her already, our faithful.
It turned out that her son, Paul Pelosi, also worked for the gas company, closely connected with Ukraine. Almost one to one on the same lines as the hunter Biden. High top position, clearly does not meet any qualification or experience, but involving a large income and a minimum of official duties. The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) has already filed against the company Pelosi Jr. with fraud. By the way, mom in business son owns 10 million shares…
How the incident will affect the future political career of the most Pelosi is hard to say. The White house claims it is not. However, the reputation of Democrats suddenly gained another stone around his neck. On the eve of the battle for the Oval office is a joy adds. The chances of impeachment be quite illusory, and the pool of candidates to the competition Trump from demoncrats in 2020 thins literally like a dagger under machine-gun fire.
And why? But because they are associated with Ukraine. Like in the folk tale: do not drink, brother Ivanushka, from the pool, dude. Not listened to. So here we are. You should give credit to Trump. His gambit he plays masterfully. Already minus two.

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