Trump said that he has not asked attorney General Barr to hold a press conference on Ukraine

Information newspaper the Washington Post about it called fake

Трамп заявил, что не просил генпрокурора Барра провести пресс-конференцию по Украине

The US President Donald trump/© REUTERS,TASS, 7 Nov. The US President Donald trump on Thursday denied the information of the newspaper the Washington Post that asked attorney General William Barr to hold a special press conference and publicly declare about the absence of violations of the law in a telephone conversation the head of the White house with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.”The story in The Washington Post, of course, picked up the fake CNN reporting that “President trump has asked attorney General Barr to hold an explanatory press conference on Ukraine,” is an absolute lie another fake news from anonymous sources that don’t exist”, – he wrote in Twitter.

“The mainstream media, which is the enemy of the people, are working overtime to invent stories, sowing discord and mistrust,” – said the American leader.

November 6, the newspaper reported that trump sent a request to hold such a conference in the U.S. justice Department about September 25, when he published the transcript of the conversation between the leaders of the USA and Ukraine. According to the publication, Barr refused to comply with the request of trump, what the White house recently said to his confidants.In the United States in September sparked a major scandal over a telephone conversation trump with Zelensky. This led to the fact that the House of representatives, controlled by Democrats, declared the beginning of procedure of impeachment against the American leader. According to the opponents of the trump, during the call he tried to convince Zelensky start the investigation of activities in Ukraine, the son of Joe Biden hunter in exchange for the provision of financial and military assistance to Kiev.

The white house released the transcript of the July conversation between leaders of the United States and Ukraine, from which it became clear that trump was not made from Zelensky of the investigation against hunter Biden.

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