Trump said the disagreement 75% of Americans with impeachment

Трамп заявил о несогласии 75% американцев с импичментом

According to the President of the United States for his impeachment are the 25% of US citizens

Initiated by the Democratic party of the United States the impeachment process do not support 75% of the citizens of America. This was reported in his Twitter the President of the United States Donald Trapp.

“Now polls have shown a very serious disagreement with impeachment, especially in swing States. 75% vs 25%. Thank you!”, – he wrote.

Possible investigation of the impeachment trump the Senate may take two weeks.

At the moment the investigation of impeachment of the trump deals, the House of representatives of the United States. As previously reported by the Democrats, they plan to complete consideration of impeachment until Christmas, December 25, after which the matter should be considered in the Senate.

Additionally, the majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell said the Senate will not support the impeachment of Donald trump. According to him, the house, led by Republicans, will give enough votes to reject the decision to declare the impeachment of Donald trump.

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