Trump, the false-token

Trump, le faux-jeton

The diplomats and statesmen of the world know it, but speak only in veiled terms, the journalists expose the facts overwhelming for years, but the propagandists bury the truth under a dam, never-ending fake news: Donald Trump, the 45e president of the United States of America is an impostor, a false-token rejected the game industry where he has gone bankrupt half a dozen times as the owner of casinos, not to mention other failures such as Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks or fraudulent Trump University.

Recycling in the hospitality industry of ostentatious luxury with the money of Russian oligarchs, brought to bare by the reality tv show The Apprentice, in which the injunction lapidary “You’re fired!” – “You’re fired!” – was the happiness of one-half of America’s delighting in the misfortune of the other half, Trump owes his unlikely ascent to power in an asset formidable is the very foundation of his personality : an ego oversized, inflated by an absolute confidence in himself and the absence of any scruple or principle, interfering with his or her interest or his personal enjoyment.

Whether in business, in politics or in love, the rules don’t apply really for Trump, although he insists that anyone opposing it is required rigorously. Difficult to deal with such an opponent, be it in golf – where he cheats shamelessly – or to the polls. For him, the end justifies the means. He could kill someone on 5th avenue in New York, and he would, boasted it. By the lie. Always.

No scandal, only it sticks to the skin. The revelations of the audio recording of’Access Hollywood, the contributions to the election campaign used to buy the silence of sultry Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, the diversion of money to the Trump Foundation, to name a few. But more importantly, the most devastating Report to Mueller, as well as the scandal of ukraine and its conclusion humiliating, the impeachment. Two uppercuts very certainly fatal to any chair normal. But no, Trump, hardly shaken is over, but this time more angry and vengeful than ever. Now, it is no longer only the President Teflon, he became the President King. Strong, unwavering support of the vice-chairman Mike Pence andAttorney General Bill Barr, he defies the governors dare him to stand up to even the Congress. His re-election seems inevitable, because the economy is rolling well, unemployment is at a historic low, the cash election is full to the brim, the Democrats in disarray and the “base” vibrant and galvanized by his deep-rooted hate of the left of the prosperous, well-educated, perceived as condescending.

An enemy unsuspected

But it was without counting on an enemy unsuspected came from China, a microorganism without state of soul, which hits cunningly and ruthlessly, which spreads rapidly and causes considerable damage to human, social, economic. A calamity, a tragedy in the planetary that affects billions of humans, but Donald Trump has denied the existence until recently. Why? Because he did that to a pandemic. No question of managing a crisis, whatever it may be, at the risk of halting economic growth and derail his election campaign. His intent barely concealed was rather deny the problem, leaving the health system to absorb the demand, as it has done every year for the seasonal flu. In no case would pass on the common good before his own person.

Small problem that Trump had not anticipated in his ignorance, filth, the COVID-19 sows fear everywhere she goes. Even the base is shaken in his faith for the cult. Surprise! the Kool-Aid trumpien is less effective in the face of the horror broadcast every day on tv, on the internet, in the newspapers. The propaganda of Fox News, first of all an accomplice in the attempt to minimize the dangerousness of the virus, shows itself to be powerless to reassure its millions of viewers. Consequence : first, favorable to the President in the early days of the crisis, opinion withdrawn its support. For the first time in nearly four years, those 65 years and older fall below the bar of 50%. The democratic candidate Joe Biden, even if he is unable to compete with Trump in terms of media coverage, extends its lead in several states-pivots, of which the Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania. According to several journalists, to the internal this trend worries seriously the bodyguard of the President, to ask if, for example, the strategy briefings in a televised end-of-day is really to his advantage – all the more if these give rise to other improvisations suspicious similar to the intriguing promotion of hydroxychloroquine, a drug that can the miraculous virtues like more snake oil in the Wild West of yesteryear.

Even more disturbing, the silence of its allies usual, the Congressmen are republican. The McConnell, Graham, Jordan, Ratcliffe, Nunes, and other “stars” of the Grand Old Party, if exuberant, usually in their defence of the leader, are almost absent from the daily news. It’s a safe bet that this is not by the will of defection, at least not yet), but rather because some of these good souls are beginning to calculate their own chances of re-election and are somewhat tétanisées by the chaos emanating from the White House. It took nearly four years to these contributors fans to catch a glimpse of the extent of the devastation that awaits them if the electorate is republican, which made them blindly trusted until now, discovers that in the end it is rolled in flour and that its elected officials have been the accomplices of a charlatan.

The duplicity of Donald Trump

Because if there’s one thing that the coronavirus has allowed to reveal, it is precisely the duplicity of Donald Trump. In more than 200 years of History, the american Republic had never been fooled by a scam comparable to the election of this man as unfit as unworthy to sit behind the historic Resolute Desk. Not only is Donald Trump he received a nudge from his friend Putin to get elected, but he has defeated Hillary Clinton under false pretenses : he said he was close to the people, the disenfranchised of american society; he was going to clean up the mess – “drain the swamp” in Washington; dismantle and replace Obamacare with something better; closing the borders to undocumented migrants; to boost economic growth to 4.5 and 6% by year. History will very definitely that it would have been more accurate to say that he entered politics with one goal in mind : to enrich itself and its donors, the billionaires, while embellishing the brand and his personal image.

Enrich by performing a power trip, because it is this and nothing else that he was. The main achievements of his presidency are cuts, taxes astronomical, financed by a fiscal deficit is huge and that have benefited mainly the wealthy, and a déréglémentation aggressive of the federal administration, in order to be pleasing to the corporations, without regard to perverse effects on the safety and well-being of Americans. Contrary to the promises announced, the cuts to taxes have not resulted in the resurgence of growth hoped for. And if the unemployment has reached a record low in early 2020, the current crisis reveals that the jobs created were precarious and under-paid workforce with little other choice than accepting the conditions minimalist as the social safety net has been reduced to a trickle across the country of Uncle Sam.

A turning point

The community MAGA (Make America Great Again) is now at a turning point. Virtually stripped of her illusions, prey to the virus that is spreading quickly in communities undermined by the inequalities and poor living conditions ambient, it has not yet abandoned his leader and turns to him in the hope that it will play its protective role. But his support wavers dangerously, so that Trump is facing a dilemma was insoluble : if he chooses to behave like a responsible leader and to prioritize the health of Americans in order to maintain the support of its voters, it will do so at the expense of his precious friends and donors who are urging to boost the economy. This is without counting his personal fortune is at stake, its hotels and golf courses are all closed by the COVID-19. Without the economy revived very quickly, so it is not only the personal bankruptcy but re-election almost impossible.

With the conclusion itself : Trump is finally a prisoner of its own paradox. Will he find a way out, again? Possible, but the odds may not have been as unfavorable as now. Prediction : his level of frustration will increase gradually, and as time will pass, as we get closer to the presidential election, the November 3, 2020, and that the vise will be published close in on him. His behavior will become more chaotic, more unpredictable and potentially more dangerous., because of the defeat, it is in doubt, well, could be catastrophic for him. He knows that the next administration will have to dig up the many corpses left by his presidency, and that’s not counting the charges under seal which, according to observers of the legal world, would be filed in the aftermath of the handover of power. All the lies will be good, no cheating shall be banned if it allows him to save his own skin. Joe Biden and the Democrats know this very certainly, and prepare accordingly. The election campaign of 2020 will be one of the most vicious of any in american history. It, it is a certainty.

Marc Fortier, Quebec

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