Trump: the”incompetence” of the Beijing caused a “slaughter mass” world

Trump: l’«incompétence» de Pékin a provoqué une «tuerie de masse mondiale»

The us president, Donald Trump has again raised the tone Wednesday in the face of China, believing that its “incompetence” in the face of the coronavirus had caused a ” killing spree of mass of the world.”

“A crazy in China has just published a press release accusing the whole world, with the exception of China for the virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of people “, tweeted Mr. Trump.

“Please explain to this moron that this is “incompetence in China”, and nothing else, which has caused the killing of mass world ! “, he added, without specifying who he was referring to.

The tenant of the White House pounds the past several weeks that the heavy balance sheet of the COVID-19 (more than 320 000 people across the globe) could have been avoided if China had acted in a responsible manner at the onset of the virus in the city of Wuhan.

A week ago, he threatened to break all relations with the asian giant and ensured that he no longer wished for the time to talk to his counterpart Xi Jinping.

Beijing ensures his side have transmitted as soon as possible all information to the world health Organization (WHO).

The verbal escalation between the two largest global economies, in particular, focused on the attitude of the united nations agency in the face of this health crisis on an unprecedented scale.

Accusing the WHO of being a ” puppet of China “, the american president is Donald gave him one month to implement reforms and achieve significant results. With, failing that, the threat to leave this body in which the United States was traditionally the first contributor.

Beijing responded by accusing Mr. Trump, whose country is the most grief-stricken in the world, with more than 90 000 deaths, of seeking to “evade their obligations” to the organization.

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