Trump threatens North Carolina to move the republican convention

Trump menace la Caroline du Nord de déplacer la convention républicaine

Washington | us president Donald Trump has threatened on Monday to move the republican convention, scheduled for late August in North Carolina, if the democratic governor could not guarantee promptly the lifting of the ban of large gatherings due to the coronavirus.

If this convention scheduled to be held from 24 to 27 August in Charlotte, will be no real suspense, because Donald Trump is guaranteed to be a designated applicant, these high masses are, with all their folklore, traditionally the strongest moments of american politics.

Highlighting in a series of tweets early morning his commitment to the “wonderful State of North Carolina”, the tenant of the White House, which briguera on November 3, a second four-year term, was also threatening.

“Unfortunately, the governor, democrat Roy Cooper is always in a state of mind containment,” said the u.s. president, who insisted for several weeks on the need for a rapid reopening of the economy.

“Thousands of republicans enthusiastic organized to travel to North Carolina in August. The governor must immediately tell them whether or not the place of the convention will be operated at full capacity,” he added.

“If this is not the case, we will, with regret, obliged to find another site for the republican convention”, he continued, insisting on “jobs and economic development” related to the organization of such an event.

North Carolina entered the last week in phase 2 of his plan déconfinement, allowing the restaurants to open by operating at 50% capacity, but banning still at this stage large gatherings.

If the democrats have raised the possibility of holding their convention, also scheduled in August, in line or in a different format unique to invest their candidate, Joe Biden, Donald Trump has so far rejected such an idea for his party.

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