Trump upbeat on the clothing of the G7 in June at the White House

Trump optimiste sur la tenue du G7 en juin à la Maison-Blanche

The american president Donald Trump said Thursday was optimistic about the held in June at the White House for the G7 summit, in spite of the constraints related to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

“It seems that the G7 will take place,” said Mr. Trump from Washington, dc, before visiting the State of Michigan.

The american president added that the summit would take place ” primarily in the White House “, even if some meetings could be organized in the presidential residence at Camp David, in the neighboring State of Maryland.

Donald Trump, who has his eye fixed on the presidential election of November 3, wished to make a G7 summit with the leaders of flesh and bones the symbol of the standardization that he calls, by opposition to a blocking of the activity which may cost him dear on the election.

The first reactions of the leaders of the G7 have been prudent. The French president Emmanuel Macron or the president of the european Council, Charles Michel, said they were willing to participate ” if the sanitary conditions allow “.

The prime minister of canada Justin Trudeau has emphasized the importance of studying “the recommendations of the experts” and the German chancellor Angela Merkel remained fuzzy about his intentions.

The White House had initially announced in mid-march that it would not, because of the pandemic, to organize this summit in the presence of heads of State and preferred to stick to a format for video conferencing.

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