Trump warns Tehran against the execution of three protesters

Trump met en garde Téhéran contre l’exécution de trois manifestants

The us president, Donald Trump has warned on Wednesday Iran against the execution of three people involved in the events of November 2019.

“The execution of these three people would send a terrible message to the world and should not take place! “, has tweeted the tenant of the White House in English, with the hashtag #StopExecutionsInIran, and then in farsi.

According to the newspaper the reformer Charq, the three convicts are Amirhossein Moradi, 26 year-old, Said Tamdjidi, 28 years old, and Mohammad Radjabi, 26 years.

Their lawyer, Mostafa Nili, who says that the accused have not had access to their records, intends to demand a new trial.

A protest movement broke out on 15 November in Iran since the announcement of a sharp rise in the price of gasoline, in the midst of economic crisis, and had hit a hundred cities.

Police stations were attacked, shops looted, and banks and gas stations burned to the ground, and the authorities had imposed a cut-off of the internet for a week.

According to Washington, the repression of the demonstrations in November resulted in more than 1,000 deaths. The iranian authorities have spoken of 230 people killed in these riots.

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