Truth and myths about sweet “vampire” potion – Hematogen

Not just a delicious sweetness, but also something imbued with romanticism with a hint of horror: it’s made from blood.

Правда і міфи про солодке "вампірське" зілля - Гематоген

Favourite treats from childhood — Hematogen. Not just a delicious sweetness, but also something imbued with romanticism with a hint of horror: it’s made from blood. Really? And really eating this dark mass helps raise the iron levels in the body and improve health?

The first extract was a liquid. It was invented in the late nineteenth century in Switzerland, and it was a mixture of ox blood and egg yolk. This “vampire” the potion was designed to return power to the sick and infirm — anyone who suffers from iron deficiency. This trace mineral is vital as it gives blood the ability to carry oxygen. From lack of iron the body is weakened: immunity decreases, skin becomes pale, appear chronic fatigue, dizziness, reports Rus.Media.

To enrich the diet, she began to produce in the Soviet Union. For convenience, changed shape, but the basis is still blood, albeit in a more technologically advanced version .

But it is important to know: the albumin is only 5% bars, about two grams. The rest of the mass is meant to somehow elevate the taste: according to the GOST, I have added sweetened condensed milk — 30% of the total weight, almost the same starch syrup, pinch of vanilla, and all the rest is sugar. That is, in fact, Hematogen is a dessert for three quarters with extra consists of sugar.

Given the huge amount of sugar, iron is much more useful to obtain from meat or liver. In swine, for example, this metal contains a record of 23 milligrams per 100 grams. In the same number of very sweet she is just from 7 to 13 milligrams.

There is iron in plant foods: seaweed, soy, buckwheat, lentils, blueberries, but from the meat it still is digested much better, because here in the heme form that that the body needs. To improve the digestibility of plant-based foods, you need to enrich them with vitamin C. that is, for example, served with buckwheat or sweet pepper to make a vegetable salad with tofu.

It is important not to endow the extract with magical properties. It should be treated like dessert — very sweet and hardly more useful than the usual candy. By the way, not much difference between the numerous types of Hematogen not, and to choose chocolate, caramel or hazelnut — is a matter of taste. The main thing — do not be fooled.

Details — in the plot of “Food living and the dead”.

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