Tsarev described what would happen if Zelenski tries to take Poroshenko integrity

Царев описал, что будет, если Зеленский попытается снять с Порошенко неприкосновенность

© RIA Novosti, the stringer If the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will give a command to the deputies to remove immunity from Petro Poroshenko, they can not fail. This was told by the ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev in an interview with Ukraine.ru, the Politician said that immediately after his defeat in the elections, Poroshenko traveled to London to meet with the influential American financier George Soros, where he secured his support.

“Group Pinchuk, Soros supports Peter, and ideologically it is closer to Poroshenko than Zelensky. This brought the grants working in grant organizations and including working with Poroshenko functionaries,” — said Tsarev.

What decision will ultimately take Zelensky, is unclear, but it is possible that he will have to wait for the end of the year, when the topic of immunity go away by itself, concluded the source.

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