Tsarev: Kolomoysky going to make a “judgment day” Akhmetov

Царев: Коломойский собирается устроить «судный день» Ахметову

© RIA Novosti, Ramil Sitdikov Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky put a spoke in the wheel of the Empire of businessman Rinat Akhmetov, as interested in his assets. This ex-member of Parliament Oleg Tsarev said in an interview with Ukraine.ru 8 Nov
He recalled that the Akhmetov Empire rests on two areas: energy and metallurgy. The expert drew attention to the fact that Kolomoisky is lobbying in the Verkhovna Rada a bill to raise paid to the state in the extraction of iron ore rents, as well as vote for the resolution for the purchase of electricity in Russia.

“Kolomoisky is going to arrange judgement day for Rinat Akhmetov… Everything that makes against Kolomoisky Akhmetov, intended to either force Kolomoisky Akhmetov to take in, or get him to share assets,” said the former MP.

In this regard, the task Akhmetov Tsarev sees in establishing contact with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and torpedoing the bill to raise rents.

If the increase will not, therefore, Akhmetov managed to deal with Zelensky, the expert said.

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