“TSE optimzer”: Ukraine has decided to reduce the number of schools and universities

«Це оптимізація»: на Украине решили сократить число школ и вузов

Anna Novosad. Illustration: eg.ru
In Ukraine it is necessary to reduce the number of schools and higher education institutions to optimize their costs. On this day, 11 December, said the Minister of education of Ukraine Anna Novosad in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

According to Novosad, the Ukrainian education system contributes to inequality among the students because the quality of education in schools located in rural areas, inferior quality of education in the schools of the cities.

“So for next year already budgeted UAH 3.5 billion ($ 150 million), which will be used for the development of a network of supporting schools, — shared his plans the Minister. — School support is such a big hub, where children ride. For the purchase of buses also pledged 600 million hryvnia ($ 25 million)”.The Novosad promised that in the reference schools the work of teachers “will be paid normally,” and the inhabitants of the Ukrainian villages will choose to support children in school and will not “hold on to the habit for their small rural school, which generally provides significantly worse results.”With regard to universities, which in Ukraine is about 300, they, according to Novosad, too, need to “optimize”.

“The number of students is small and besides is falling rapidly in the last ten years. We don’t need such a network. Therefore, it is necessary to move towards the unification and consolidation of universities. It is also necessary to optimize on their costs. We need to abandon the situation when we give the universities the amount of money relative to the number of students, and go to a situation where we are funding the results of their activities. This does not mean that will cancel the ability to learn on a budget. This does not mean that there will be a reduced amount of money. The thing is that financing will become more efficient.”As reported by the Colossal , in November, Anna Novosad complained that in Ukraine “the number of teachers more than required for enrollment, which is now” a little earlier abhaile that from the next academic year without exception, all schools will operate only in the Ukrainian language.

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