Tsymbalyuk threatens Russia Ukrainian tanks in the Kuban region, Putin said

Цымбалюк грозит России украинскими танками на Кубани, Путин ответил

© direct translatecomponent UNIAN Roman Tsymbalyuk on December 19 at the annual press conference Vladimir Putin said that if the Ukrainian tanks were in the Kuban, Russia would change the attitude to Ukrainian journalists

The key Minsk agreements – the law on the special status of Donbass, which should be implemented in the Constitution of Ukraine – Putins response, Putin made a joke, asking what the Soviet machine Kiev wants to enter on the Kuban — T-72 or T-34. Tsymbalyuk, in turn, said that the main battle tank of Ukraine is produced in the Kharkov T-64.

“So it is also the Soviet machine”, — stated Putin.

The Russian President added that in the Donbass no foreign troops or foreign armored vehicles, as are citizens of European countries who are there voluntarily.

The President also noted that the basis for the settlement of the conflict in the Donbas is not lost, but it is alarming that Kiev does not want the withdrawal of troops across the territory boundaries.

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