Tsymbalyuk: Vicente Gomez Have individual approach to each player of Olympic

Цымбалюк: У Висенте Гомеса индивидуальный подход к каждому игроку Олимпика

– Yevhen, at the end of autumn, it has become customary to speak of “phenomenon “Olympic times” Vicente gómez”. As You see from the inside the reasons of the Renaissance of the Donetsk team?
The main reason is that our coach works very hard, gives a full effort. We see how he tries, and we ourselves want to match his level and treat the football like he did.

– In our football environment it became a habit to say that the current “Olympic” is tactically savvy team. As he reached the how much time to devote to this element of the training.
– As much time as all the other elements. The theory we have every day, as well as other components of training. From Vicente every exercise is thought out, each given as much attention as you need. Its specificity is that we quite often interrupt exercise: if the coach sees that we are doing something wrong, interrupted the lesson and re-explain. Of course, players is a little angry, and he tells Vicente: “Did you like it?”. It encourages us to do the right thing.

– Tell us how the Spaniard maintains himself in training: often raises his voice, or perhaps he’s as calm as during the matches?
– He has an individual approach to every player and every football situation. Come to us, Vicente initially wanted to prevent a cry in training, but over time it became clear that sometimes raising your voice is helpful. If we do something wrong, he sees everything and can “hold educational conversation”.

Vicente is a long time in football, Ukraine: working Dynamo, he understood our situation. Therefore, in independent work is easier for him. In addition, our coach is a strong psychologist who knows how to find contact with any player. He always says: the main thing – to fight in every match, never give up, then the result will be exact.

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