Turkey and Kazakhstan will hold joint military exercises

Турция и Казахстан будут проводить совместные военные учения

The deputies of the Senate of Parliament at the plenary session adopted the law “On ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Turkish Republic on military cooperation”. As noted in the conclusion of profile Committee, the main purpose of the agreement is to further develop a long-term military cooperation based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit between Kazakhstan and Turkey. The interaction between the two countries in the framework of the agreement includes such military cooperation, military education and training; conducting joint military exercises; defense industry; military, scientific and technical studies; and cartography, hydrography, survey software and other areas. Its provisions defined the competent authorities to implement the agreement, order of protection information that is transmitted or formed within the framework of the agreement, – stated in the information of the Senate. The document also settled an administrative, legal, financial, medical and other issues related to the stay in the territory of the host that invited staff and their dependants, as well as trainees at the invitation. Senators supported the bill, arguing that ratification of the agreement will provide expansion opportunities of Kazakhstan in the military sphere and have a positive impact on the development of military cooperation between the two countries.

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