Turkey shelled the U.S. military in Syria

Турция обстреляла военных США в Сирии

Turkey’s decision to conduct a military operation against Kurds in Syria immediately caused a negative reaction of the United States. President Donald trump in his characteristic manner, has threatened Ankara stringent sanctions. In response, the official representative of the Turkish foreign Ministry Hami Aksoy said that in this case Ankara will take retaliatory measures.

However, the threats of the White house did not detract from the leadership of Turkey, the military operation against the Kurds began. And it almost took a very serious turn. During the shelling the city of Kobane shells fell just a few hundred meters from the location of parts of us special forces.

The shooting stopped quickly, otherwise it has not been clear how it ends. According to Newsweek, referring to Pentagon sources, the military has already considered the possibility of retaliation.

Turkey argues that “any attack on the American military completely excluded”, as the blows were inflicted by “terrorists,” and before the shooting was taken to “not harm the us base”.

And the United States and Turkey argue that the casualties among the Americans there. Nevertheless, the incident suggests that the relationship between the once staunch allies today leave much to be desired.

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