Turkey threatens Europe with millions of refugees. Europe hopes that this is a bluff

Турция угрожает Европе миллионами беженцев. Европа надеется, что это блеф

© AP Photo / Lefteris PitarakisTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatens Europe with millions of refugees. Europeans in response angrily accuse Ankara of intimidation and calm themselves: the Turkish leader is bluffing. They appeal to international norms to morality, to human rights, to remind the Turks of their obligations. While completely forgetting about their promises of Turkey and not noticing that Erdogan, by and large, uses the experience of the European Union in the solution of these problems.Briefly recall the background of the current relations between the EU and Ankara. In December it will be exactly 20 years to the official recognition of Turkey as a candidate for membership in the European Union. The perspective of Brussels was long used as a carrot for the Turkish government, dutifully followed for a long time, fulfilling all new requirements of the Europeans. In the end of Eurointegration the illusion of a few scattered, many Turks realized that membership in the EU is unattainable and is used exclusively to control and direct outside of the internal policy of their state.At the beginning of 2016, when Europe swept the flows of migrants from Africa and Asia, Brussels and Ankara signed a deal according to which Turkey pledged to host refugees from Syria, not passing them on. In return, the EU has pledged six billion euros for the resettlement of Syrians in the Turkish camps and, more importantly, visa-free regime for Turkish citizens in the Schengen zone by June 2016. But Europe, in its usual style, decided to Express themselves the problem, immediately forgot about the promise bezveze. Gradually Ankara exhibited new conditions, and the negotiations on the visa issue turned into such a long and hopeless venture, which is the long history of membership in the EU. That is, Turkey honestly fulfilled their obligations to receive refugees, and the European Union openly breaks one of the cardinal points of agreement, like “forgetting” that he was part of the overall package.Ankara, before operation “peace” in Northern Syria, periodically reminded the Europeans of their promise bezveza, threatening to withdraw from the deal. Europeans in response put forward another condition seems to guarantee the territorial integrity of Cyprus that should lead to the rejection of Turkey by recognition of the controlled Republic of Northern Cyprus.
With the beginning of the Turkish offensive against the Kurds and without that not the most optimistic of the relations between Ankara and Brussels started to deteriorate significantly. Europeans rather harshly reacted to the operation, the officials sounded undiplomatic expressions.It’s funny that all the more tries, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who bezveze agreement with Turkey is not (because his country is not part of the Schengen zone), and the fate of the European Union will soon not really caring if Brexit still held.Response to Erdogan’s criticism was not long in coming. Speaking to his supporters in Ankara, he declared: “Hey, EU, Wake up! I repeat, if you try to call our operation the invasion, the answer is simple: we open doors and send 3.6 million migrants to you.”The statement by the Turkish leader has caused a storm of reactions in Europe. Surviving the political age of the head of the European Council Donald Tusk called Erdogan’s words “blackmail” and said about the “inappropriateness” of such threats. Notice, no word on Europe the unfulfilled promises bezveze.While many Western commentators are trying to reassure themselves, saying that Erdogan is bluffing. For example, a columnist for Bloomberg I am sure that Turkey is unable to ship to Europe a number of Syrians. It seems that the authors of these speeches have forgotten how it looked four years ago, before the Turkey interrupted the flow of migrants. Well, Erdogan could remind.
An alternative to Turkey’s leader sees the settlement of the Syrian migrants to the buffer zone, which is created during operations in North-Eastern Syria. He calls it a “return home”, although, in recognition of the Turkish Minister of the interior, among the Syrians who are housed in refugee camps, only 17 per cent — came from the provinces, now controlled by the Kurds. That is, it is, in fact, is not about to return the Syrians to go home, and on the demographic restructuring of the border areas of Syria inhabited by Kurds.Europeans and numerous human rights organizations have called these plans of Erdogan “ethnic cleansing”, constantly referring to international norms prohibiting forced displacement of refugees. “Any attempt to change the demographics (region) is unacceptable,” unequivocally declare the officials of the European Union.They don’t even think about the fact that Europe deal with Turkey itself involves forced return of Syrian refugees caught in the EU. And if we talk about changing the demographics of entire regions, in fact this is the approach used by the Europeans recently in the Serbian Krajina, in Bosnia, in Kosovo, where they had expelled thousands of Serbs. In fact, the EU is now accusing Erdogan of the very policy that Brussels is not only welcomed, but actively promoted on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. And nothing, no rules of international law and reflections on morality is not constrained then the EU leaders. But, as is often the case in modern political practice, what is allowed to Jupiter is not permitted to a bull.
It is possible to assess the motives and actions of Turkey in Northern Syria. You can call them cynical and hard. Of course, they should be treated with great caution, aware that Ankara does not intend in the near future to restore the sovereignty of the legitimate government of a neighboring country over this territory (which is the ultimate goal and Damascus, and Moscow). However, we can say that Erdogan looks much more honest than ye double minded Europe, accusing him of actions that the Europeans regarded it as appropriate for themselves in different regions of the world. These double standards are again evident moral poverty of the modern European Union.Vladimir Kornilov

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