Turkish airlines suspends flights

Турецкая авиакомпания приостанавливает полеты

The suspension of flights AtlasGlobal explained the restructuring of the company

AtlasGlobal airlines (Turkey) has announced the suspension of all flights from 26 November to 21 December 2019. This was reported on the official website of the company.

The reason for the decision to restructure. It is noted that ticket sales are suspended on all channels, including website, mobile apps and other up to December 16 this year.

In Ukraine AtlasGlobal represented a subsidiary AtlasJetUA, which performs direct flights from Odessa to Istanbul, and also received the right to perform regular flights Kiev-Izmir.

AtlasGlobal is a Turkish airline based in Istanbul. Performs regular and Charter passenger flights in Europe, Kazakhstan, Iraq and Iran and inside Turkey. Based in the international airport of Istanbul.