Turkish General: the third world is inevitable, and will begin America

Turkish major-General in the resignation of Osman Pamukoglu published a book “Third world war”, which says that the new great war is inevitable. According to the newspaper Aydinlik Gazetesi, according to Pamukoglu, the war starts between the US, China and Russia. And maybe two of those parties will unite against the third.

Турецкий генерал: третья мировая неизбежна, и начнёт её Америка

ReutersГенерал-retired major Osman Pamukoglu in his new book, “Third world war” describes how, why and where, in his opinion, will start a new global conflict. According to the newspaper Aydinlik Gazetesi, according to Pamukoglu, “to see the clear sign that the new great war is inevitable, it is enough to pay attention to the money allocated for the weapons from the annual budgets of States, especially those that claim to be superpowers, and that these costs continue to rise from year to year“.

Pamukoglu believes that the new great war will be similar to past conflicts, and there are certain prerequisites.

As in the past, the war will begin because of the desire of countries, guide economic development, not to lose or to expand the zone of its domination and control over resources, “notes Pamukoglu. He argues that the third world war will involve all five continents. From his point of view, the geography of the great war would not cover South America and Africa. As a strategically sensitive areas, which can cause a third world war, the author calls the Baltic, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the middle East, East Asia, Indochina and the Pacific. To the question “who will start a big war?” Pamukoglu says that it will happen between the US, China and Russia. And maybe two of these parties will unite against the third. Based on the fact that in two world wars, Russia was an ally of Britain and America, Osman Pamukoglu suggests that a possible new war, Russia was again an ally of the United States. According to him, the warring parties can be America, Russia and China — India. However, the publication, your thesis that Russia would side with America as an ally and will act against China, Pamukoglu is difficult to justify any specific data. “The war will start by the party against which the time when the situation becomes unbearable, and this side will be the United States of America, “he adds. “The spark that will light the gunpowder, can turn on the incident somewhere on the border post, the destruction of the aircraft, the sinking of the fishing vessel, terrorism, attempt, and any other unimaginable occurrence. Moreover, the reason for the war could be the event that will not even happen in reality, but will be issued for the real“—says Pamukoglu.

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