Turkish readers: the closure of US bases is the best response to sanctions (Yeni Akit)

Турецкие читатели: закрытие баз США — лучший ответ на санкции (Yeni Akit)

From the USA came the news that the international Affairs Committee of the U.S. Senate held a vote on the bill envisaging the introduction of sanctions against Turkey. The official representative of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin (Ibrahim Kalın) made a statement immediately after the vote.The international Affairs Committee of the U.S. Senate passed a bill calling for sanctions against Turkey. “For” vote of 18 senators against four members of the Senate.Tomorrow, 12 December, the bill will be considered by the full Senate.When the bill becomes law?If the Senate approves the “draft law on sanctions against Turkey,” then the document will be sent to the House of representatives. In the case of the bill in the House of representatives, where Democrats have the majority, it will be submitted for signature to the President of the United States Donald Trump. If the President trump will also approve the bill and sign it, it becomes law.The first statement of TurkeyImmediately after the vote, the official representative of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin made the following statement: “We are closely monitoring the developments in Congress. Even if this bill passes, the process associated with the s-400 will continue. We all appreciate the good will of Mr. trump in this matter. He spoke about it publicly. He is concerned about this law. But of course, when the bill passes through Congress, the President has become hands are tied. The congressmen closed their eyes and ears to the realities”.Trump said: “Turkey law,”the President of the United States trump made the following statement regarding the dispute about the s-400 and F-35: “In the days of the Obama administration (Obama) Turkey wanted to buy our missiles “patriot” (Patriot), but it didn’t sell. It wasn’t fair. Turkey wanted to purchase a “patriot”, but Obama said no. They kept saying “no.” However, Turkey had its own defence needs. Then the Turks turned to Russia and bought the s-400. Because they were not allowed to purchase a “patriot”. Did the previous administration.”Reader comments:AYH8N ERG8N8Z EWET: trump — custom-made puppet of the deep state of the USA.Emmi: What a wonderful law, by God! Or you become a slave to, johnny, or sanctions. I had to choose Turkey?KUNTAKINTE: Mr. Kalin, strike back.abdrhman: This decision is not binding. And let there be sanctions against Incirlik and Kurajica. USA, get out of Turkey.oflu baba: In this world, I believe first and foremost in two things: “there is a silver lining” and “bad neighbor makes a man a landlord”.Halis yavuz: is Not it time for us to go to the counter???!! Will petition the court to demand retribution for our people killed by American weapons, we introduce restrictions on the use of bases, but let’s do it urgently, it makes no sense to scream when the train will leave.Vahap Kalyoncu: If we say that we are an independent state we must at all costs to respond to the US at Incirlik and make similar steps on other bases.ömer: you Need immediately, immediately to start negotiations with the Russians on the su-35. Believe me, the Americans will kill each other.KIYAMET: the Closing of American bases in Turkey will be the best answer.