Turkish readers: the s-400 will protect us from occupation by the U.S.

Турецкие читатели: С-400 защитит нас от оккупации со стороны США

Member of the international Affairs Committee in the Bundestag, Nils Schmid (Nils Schmid) said that NATO needs to answer for the purchase by Ankara of the air defense systems s-400, said: “We have to find another way to defend the territory of Turkey”. Barely a day after the end of the NATO summit, as all of a sudden received such a statement.The speaker for foreign policy of the Social democratic party and member of the international Affairs Committee in the Bundestag, Nils Schmid, commenting on the purchase by Turkey of s-400 from Russia, said: “first, it has become a problem for NATO, and therefore we need a strong response from NATO. The placement of Russian weapons in Turkey threatening the unity of NATO.””That is why we must find another way to defend the territory of Turkey,” he added.On the question of what should be the answer, Schmid said: “It needs to be open discussion within NATO, and in the future, perhaps we should try to find a way to place a us missile defence system”.Reader comments:hop: it is obvious that in the future you want to attack Turkey.Nedim: I’m not in the mood to joke, just give my opinion. Russia is not committed to the war and not the occupier. Russia sold s-400, despite the fact that we are a member of NATO. But NATO — occupier, a community that is committed to war. And with the help of Russian weapons, we will defend ourselves from NATO.Çeçen: Why is NATO not concerned about s-300 installed in Greece???Atmaca: the Greeks do not belong to NATO, Hans????: The other method? Otherwise you will have remote access?ferdi al: Turkey — a NATO member, but the member countries of NATO are not friends of Turkey… So s-400 is a very suitable system for Turkey. To abandon the s-400 is to reject independence.Özgür t.: Just stay away from us.Vatann sever: And you “patriot” (Patriot) we sold?Adsız Atlı: “patriot” not to sell s-400, the Chinese air defense system not to buy. What do we buy? Qassam rockets (Kassam) from the Palestinians?camcı: the Coup of 15 July 2016 failed. They will try again to occupy this country. If the s-400 system, they will not be able to intervene from the air, therefore they are against.Hüseyin: So, they planned the air offensive!caylak: so, we are on the right path, Turkey is not a thoroughfare, over the time.Yakuo: Under pressure Donald the voice of Germany. The US is trying to use all platforms and methods.ferdi al: We will not give up the s-400.Şehzade: not want anything else? You only think about how to prevent Turkey to do something good for their country. It is time to change this approach. The old Turkey is no more, forget it. This page is turned.byx68: They are right, you need to find another way. And there’s only one way: to speed up the creation of our national arms.almuslu: do we have to stay in NATO???YILMAZ: the Trap they set for Turkey, didn’t work, so go crazy.Görünen Köy: How are you taking care of us, tears already welling. Do not drink, eat, everyone is thinking about us. We just broke up last night. Who has advised you, I wonder.

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