Turkish TV series: Endless love, 229 series (video)

Infinite love.

Турецький серіал: Нескінченна любов, 229 серія (відео)

14 Feb viewers saw 229 new series of the popular Turkish TV series Endless love, reports Rus.Media.

See 229 series “Endless love»:

Tariq helps his brother to destroy the family Mosgoogle, it is in the same prison where he is serving a term Galip. Nihan blackmailing of the Emir, so he divorced her and gave it to Denise. Now that she’s in the hands of a controlling stake in the company, the delay in the payment of the loan may disrupt the business of the Emir. Zeynep receives a package with the video, which is recorded as Emir Ozan framed with the murder of the girl.

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