Tushino tunnel in Moscow, opened after flooding

The tunnel started flooding in the morning, when he gave the leaking wall of the channel named after Moscow

Тушинский тоннель в Москве открыли после затопления

Moscow. January 10. – The traffic on Volokolamskoye highway after the accident on the Moscow canal, which occurred on Thursday morning, fully restored.

As the correspondent of “Interfax”, currently the transport at the Tushino tunnel, which during the day has poured tons of water and sand, moving in regular mode in both directions and temporary traffic patterns, the action ceased.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Metropolitan police, “Interfax” reported that the exit to the street of Freedom on the Volokolamsk highway is still restricted.

As reported, the emission of a mixture of water and soil on the Volokolamsk highway in the area Tushino tunnel began about 11:00 after the leak gave wall of the channel name of Moscow.

Head of state institution “Moscow Canal” Herman Elyanyushkin reported that the subsidence of the soil under the Volokolamsk highway occurred on the area of 75 square meters, flowed about 40-50 litres of water per second.

The day was closed to traffic on Volokolamskoe highway in both directions: from the Leningrad highway towards the Moscow region, and also from MKAD in the direction of the center.

The press service of the fsbi “Moscow Canal” suggested that a possible cause of PE could be conducted in 2003 work in the extension of Volokolamsk highway and the construction of a new road tunnel.