TV channel “MIR” joined the campaign “Belarus remembers. Remember everyone”

Телеканал «МИР» присоединился к акции «Беларусь помнит. Помним каждого»

Belarus is a large-scale Patriotic event in honor of the 75th anniversary of liberation from Nazi invaders. Thousands of people bring flowers and wreaths to the monuments and memorial complexes, reports channel “MIR 24”.

The initiators of the action “Belarus remembers. Remember everyone” were the pioneers. Almost immediately they were joined by the entire country – students, athletes, politicians, artists and journalists. The managers and employees of the Central TV channels, including representatives of the broadcasting company “MIR”, visited the memorial complex “Khatyn”. During the great Patriotic war, the Nazis burned the village there along with civilians.

“We are in such a symbolic place that is the best answer to those who want to forget about this war. Already the voices of those who want to revise the results of the war, to make a reassessment of those events, and the truth that a single and indisputable. I think these people just need to bring here, in Khatyn, to show the atrocities of the people who came here to preach chauvinism and hatred of human life”, – said the Director of the National office of “Mir” in the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Pertsov.

Tomorrow Belarus will be the main commemorative event on the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of the country. Also, the country will celebrate independence Day.