Tv reinvents itself

La télé se réinvente

For the past three weeks, the middle of the tv is forced to reinvent itself from one end to the other. Studios disinfected, small teams and dispersed, one of the animators who make up their own, interviews by video conferencing, meeting remote production : the pandemic of COVID-19 requires precautions ever seen, but also the exceptional creativity of the people behind the camera.

To VAT, the daily It’s going to go well, to be produced entirely at a distance, is the perfect example of a tv creative. “The biggest challenge is that there is nobody way,” says Denis Dubois, vice-president at Quebecor Content, which has led the project emission.

For the past three weeks, Fabien Cloutier and Marie-Soleil Dion conduct their interviews at a distance with their guests, as Guylaine Tremblay.

While it usually takes several months to create a tv show, It’s going to go well has been put on the rails in only ten days.

“I arrived in front of the people at TVA, and I told them : “We’re going from a show, but I can’t tell you how much it will cost. I can’t even tell you what is the concept, because we will write it in the next two weeks.” Everyone on board, ” says Denis Dubois, who lives in the biggest crisis of his television in thirty years of career in the middle.

The journalists who are working in the studio, as Pierre-Olivier Zappa, TVA must comply with a series of sanitary measures.

“We put all the steps on the starting space and it was all done at the same time, adds Denis Dubois. There has been a risk-taking. I don’t send the message that one can produce without money, but time and again, this obstacle-there brings you in areas where you wouldn’t usually. ”

It is a never-before-seen : Fabien Cloutier and Marie-Soleil Dion alive from their home, with a camera with a transmitter that they have installed themselves. Five other cameras of this type are supplied each day for guests after they have been disinfected. “It allows us to have a quality in image and sound that one has not with Skype,” says Denis Dubois.


The director, Jean-Philippe Pariseau, who is working on three new episodes of the show , But why ? with By Morin, is also a testament to the creativity of his team. He entrusts the exercise of his profession, in a way he never thought possible.

By Morin, in a remote meeting to discuss three new episodes of But why ? with the producer Valérie Beaulieu and the director, Jean-Philippe Pariseau.

“It’s really fascinating to produce a tv show like that, everyone in their own homes, without being able to see “, he explains in an interview which took place by videoconference.

By Morin, admitted last week to the Newspaper to have installed itself four cameras in her condo, delivered in 14 crates of equipment were quarantined for three days, and transformed his room from a friend in the control room.

Jean-Philippe Pariseau guide the facilitator on the plans for the cameras and her interventions with his guests on the web, as if it ran on a tray, but in a headset. Then, it must transmit its images to the editors. The program is designed without any human contact.

“The technology already existed, it’s just that there are the pushes. At this time, the tv borrows a lot of the codes of each other “, he says.

Sanitary protocols

Several other programs already in place have also had to adjust quickly at the start of the crisis. This is the case of the trays, chains of information, which have set a series of sanitary measures in place.

The editors in the governance of VAT New are separated by plexiglas to prevent contact.

“Inside our classrooms, there have been important changes,” said Serge Fortin, vice-president, TVA Nouvelles and TVA Sports, which wants to avoid at all costs a scenario such as VAT New Sherbrooke, where a manager had been positive to the COVID-19, from happening again.

Of plexiglas were installed in the wings of VAT.

“We installed plexiglas between the positions of assembly of the people of LCN, details there. Our facilitators are all in offices isolated, and do not receive guests on the plateau. Our reporters have been moved from the newsroom to a floor evacuated. I think they are six on a full floor. They have poles for the interviews, they are worn and apply make-up themselves, and it has put in place a cleaning team that cleans absolutely everything. ”

Safe / secure locations

To the show Hello, good evening!, a distance of two metres is required between the host Jean-Philippe Wauthier and his guests.

Programs such as Salut, Hello !, Everyone is talking about , or good evening, good Evening ! have been able to stay on the air through measures equally exceptional.

The talk-show, daily-driven by Jean-Philippe Wauthier has reviewed all of its content, and operates with the quarter of his usual team on the board. And of course, without public, and with guests that are at two metres, except for the two musicians, who form a couple in life. The word : estrangement.

“The normal check-in process no longer exists “, tells the producer to the content Hugo Roberge, who reports that the Union of the artists has done his turn on the board to check that everything was safe.

“In the studio, we have three cameras instead of six, and there are a couple of people, who are on the board usually, who are now working remotely. Guests will spend more in makeup and hairstyling, and do not have the right to be accompanied when they arrive at Radio-Canada. And when a guest takes its place, it does not move from his chair. ”

The tv will not be more such

A crisis as large will leave its scars in the middle of the tv, believe the different stakeholders with whom The Journal spoke of. It is too early to assess the damage, but one thing is certain, it is that the tv will come out transformed.

“We will not be able to come back and do it as if it had never existed, considers the vice-president of Quebecor Content, Denis Dubois. It is certain that we will come back with technical means, but there is an obligation currently, which is not uninteresting, to go back to base, that is to say the content. ”

The producer of the programme , But why ?, Valérie Beaulieu, think the same thing. “It pushes us to be creative and to see that there are other ways to make the tv “, she said.

On the technical side, nothing will be the test teams tv, believes the director, Jean-Philippe Pariseau. “There are a lot of things that are, that we never thought that could be done. We will be able to adapt to all situations, and we cannot say that it is not done, ” he says.

Need for authenticity

Denis Dubois, who made a career in tv for over thirty years, believes that after the crisis, viewers will be looking for authenticity. The small screen will have to adapt to this need. “It doesn’t prevent us from laughing and having trays of entertainment, but I think the real, it’s going to take all of its meaning “, he believes.

Valérie Beaulieu abounds in the same direction. “I think it’s going to change the commands and needs in the next programming schedules. Going to need more light. At this time, there are plenty of things that I didn’t want to watch, because my level of stress and anxiety is so high. ”

Jean-Philippe Pariseau appreciate, ironically, the human side of the current experience. “No one has ever been so far away, but also close at the same time. We talk to each other constantly. ”

Resumption of filming in Australia : the province of Quebec expects

If the television industry in Quebec is still in the nothingness regard to shoots planned this summer, the Australia stimulus and gradually plateaus, thanks to a series of measures which respect the distancing physical.

The shooting of the soap Neighbours has resumed this week in the country. The artisans, however, must adhere to strict instructions. The operation is complex, but achievable, among others, through the greatness of the studios where the series is filmed.

There will first be no physical proximity between actors, thus not exchange handshakes or kisses in any scene.

The technical team and the distribution are isolated by different groups, inside of studios are divided in different sections to minimize the contacts, so that if someone was infected by the COVID-19, it would be easier to identify those with whom he has been in contact.

There are also never more than 20 people per day in each of the sections of the studio and all the world must respect a distance of 1.5 meters, at any time.

Thanks to editing and a touch of magic in the editing of the episodes, everything should appear normal on the screen, indicated by the producer in various media, this week.

In Quebec, however, many scenarios are still on the table as to the recovery of the shoots.

“We have different plans, if the production starts again only in the month of July, in the month of August or in the fall, said Denis Dubois, in Quebecor Content. Considering all the options.”

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