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    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 06:00

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 06:00

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    To quote a famous phrase of the generation Passe-Partout : summer time is for playing. For playing outside, I might add. This is not the season, which invest most broadcasters, and for good reason, the ratings are deteriorating drastically when it comes to the weather… If weather is nice there ! Some of the outputs are still outputs, winners of this season. And there is still time to take advantage of it.

    Convivial gathering

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    I admit, I was first mourning the loss of Christiane Charette, an interviewer without peer, a woman warm and unique. This spring, Télé-Québec has relied on a new concept,emphasizing a religious iconography that could be off-putting, but which proved to be a festive and unifying : There’s a world to mass. If, at the time, the people jasaient on the front of the church, the guests at the table of Christian Bégin were, in the majority of cases, loquacious and generous. With a hint of indulgence occasional, Bégin has done a great job getting us asking questions in a candid and direct, and avoiding the taboos. The team also scored good hits with a booking that came out of the box. Always interesting to see new faces and to discover of course that it is risk-averse, moreover, to value it.

    There’s a world to mass continues Friday at 21 pm on Télé-Québec.

    The back of the Heads

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    The return of the original formula of The Heads is without a doubt one of the good hits of the summer. This formula is a well-rehearsed, the judges are comfortable and relevant, the facilitators warm and complicit with apprentices-talented chefs. The tests are always more robust and the products are sometimes surprising. We met up with Samuel, the king of the challenges that has given us beautiful moments of tv in a duel on more than one occasion. My favorite ? Sydney, of Montreal, a roaster, Atelier Joel Robuchon, an apprentice chef who has a lot of talent but most of all a pleasure to be contagious in the kitchen. Always smiling, he had to see it humming in the pantry last week while all the other suaient in the kitchen.

    There are only a few episodes on Mondays 20 h to Ici Radio-Canada Télé.

    The timeliness of the speech of Anne

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    Anne Shirley has marked my teenage years. It is affected by the interpretation of Megan Follows, at the time, I was diving in to this classic of canadian literature that is Anne and the green gables Lucy Maud Montgomery.

    2017 brings us a version of a very high quality with a young interpreter just as talented, Amybeth McNulty. With the eyes of an adult, I’m still fascinated by the poetry and imagination of Anne with an E, but what strikes me more is his journey of swing and its feminist discourse. This in fact a work of highly current.

    Presented Saturday 21 p.m. on Artv. The English version is also available on Netflix.

    Back on the childhood

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    Do you come to make a turn is an issue, simple, unpretentious. It remains one of my favorites of the summer. We often live moments of great excitement, when Michel Barrette up an artist on one of his wonders of car, to bring him back to the places of his childhood. The fiber nostalgic is fashionable and provides good tv. “Best of” are to come.

    Sunday 20 h to Ici Radio-Canada télé.

    A time to dance

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    The summer season has been a nice place to dance. CTV had a new competition, World of dance, taking over from Dancing with the Stars. I am pleased to see the return of So you think you can dance for a 14th season on Monday 20 p.m. to Fox. After the auditions, the week of the academy, who led each day to a period of elimination, the top 10 candidates will be revealed next week. This production gives us always a spectacle removing.

    Rediscover Montréal

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    The 375th anniversary of Montréal will have been pointed out in great both in the city and on our airwaves. I have rarely seen during my moderately short life, a city so celebrated on tv. At this rate, “watch out” for the 400th ! At Télé-Québec, Jean-Philippe Wauthier has hosted a series of very instructive drawing a beautiful portrait of the metropolis. Sweet and Salty (Monday to Friday 18: 30 to VAT) has followed suit as at the beginning of the season. A good flash that will meet a stunt Friday in a different neighbourhood of the city. Good idea also on the side of The small seduction (Wednesday, 20 h-Radio-Canada), of which this is the last season, which is to visit the neighbourhoods of artists, to those who have received. As well, Anne-Marie Cadieux has received its guests Malartic on the Shelf while Chantal Fontaine has invited the people of Caplan in City-Marie.

    The mega quiz

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    American tv has made the best of the quiz to the big deployment this summer. Beat Shazam (Thursday, 20 pm to Fox) sparked a controversy in the beginning of the season. Several blaming Jamie Foxx, to evade the animation of a show piggy bank general public. But the formula taking advantage of a platform in musical mode has worked well. The boys bands are going ” in “. We are currently looking for the best candidates, Thursday 20 h of ABC in another talent contest. And The Wall, a version of which quebec, out of VAT,has been successful for the monster Thursday 20 h at NBC. A quiz testing general knowledge, combined with the random throwing of balls on a large table.

    The phenomenon game of thrones

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    The fans have had to wait an extra few months to reconnect with the 7th season of game of thrones. They are not, however, disappointed. It is the season of the big turnarounds. This season marks the meeting of two children, Stark (including Sophie Turner), separated from the first season. It also ensures that a highly anticipated meeting : that of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), when an alliance forms between the clans friends. It is also the beginning of the countdown leading to the end of the mythic series which should be completed in a short season 8. Iron throne has overturned the codes of the tv, not taking anything for granted and rallying a public that is ultra-faithful across the planet, becoming a real phenomenon.

    Sunday 21 p.m. on HBO.

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