TV tower in Kok-Tobe – 35: what was the symbol of Almaty

PHOTO : Wikipedia / Kalabaha1969


TV tower in Kok-Tobe – the symbol of Almaty. Today she’s 35. The architectural structure was constructed under difficult conditions – in an area prone to earthquakes. This forced the designers to apply the most advanced technologies of that time, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Kirill Kharlamov.

Your favorite TV channels, including WORLD, city residents see through this tower. It is an important strategic object – just get here can not. The security and stability of the object scrutinized at the stage of designing.

Mountain Kok-Tobe where the tower stands, and clay, has a groundwater. And could simply not withstand the weight of a tower of seven thousand tons. But the Republic’s leadership insisted on this point so that the tower could be seen from everywhere.

“Since the question was about the architectural ornament of the city, such places were few. One of them – and I think, no alternative was a mountain Kok-Tobe, as it adjoined the town, towered above the city itself was beautiful relief on the spot”, – said the Deputy Minister of communications of the Kazakh SSR in 1981-1985, Aldar of Tungushbaev.

The tower was designed by the leading engineers of the Soviet Union. For the base I decided to use a high strength cement.

“We have a Foundation of box type. Box type of Foundation implies that all four sides of poured concrete, and the bottom too, to withstand the load of the tower itself,” says the foreman on maintenance of buildings and areas of the branch of JSC “Kazteleradio” in Almaty region Erbol of Rev.

And that the tower survived during the earthquake, used the so-called torsional vibration dampers. The tower is located in an area where the strength of the tremors can reach up to 10 points. Armenian Sadyrov, the once caught the natural incident on the tower.

“Spike was shaken from aerial parts such as the pendulum, and the vibration calmed him. Literally five minutes traffic was,” says the foreman of the operation of antenna-feeder systems Arkanian the Sadyrov.

A special device located at an altitude of 240 metres. The dampers work not only with tremors, but in a strong wind.

“From which side the wind blows, the closest damping of oscillations starts to wobble. Then he is calm, work the next. Some more strongly shaken, some slower, it all depends on the wind direction,” says Sadyrov.

A few years ago on the tower and have replaced all equipment. The room with the devices for analog broadcasting are now empty. Replaced compact servers. Tower switches to digital broadcasting.

Almaty TV tower is the highest in the world, the spire ends at a height of 1452 feet above sea level.