TVA Sports and RDS are reborn

TVA Sports et RDS renaissent

After a forced break of four months, the sport will take back the airwaves for the past few days. A recovery that enthusiasm the channels RDS and TVA Sports, which have not been spared during this long famine.

On Sunday, the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Hungary has allowed RDS to obtain its best ratings in four months : 237 000 racing fans were in front of their screen.

This result gives a lot of hope network, whose market share has melted like snow in the sun when all of the sports leagues have cancelled their operations this winter. Established to 4.2 % during the months of January and February, they revolve around 0.8% since the march 9, show the data confirmed of Isdn compiled by Deep Blue Canada.

Same thing with TVA Sports. The pandemic of COVID-19 has increased its market share from 2 % to 0.7 %.

These figures are expected to climb in the coming weeks thanks to a return in waves of several sports darlings of Quebecers, including baseball, which will resume service on Thursday at the RDS and Friday to TVA Sports.

Place to sports

The hockey of Canada will restart on Tuesday to TVA Sports and TVA, on the occasion of a preparatory segment from Toronto. The day before, the RDS will send her 5 to 7 and The Antechamber, two tv unplugged for a few months.

The redeployment of televised sport will continue on the 1st Saturday of August when RDS will broadcast a meeting of the Toronto Raptors.

These returns will help these two channels to fill their schedules, which had a lot of repeats this spring. They also await the resurrection of the tennis, not to mention canadian football (CFL), and american (NFL).

“Live sports is the DNA of all of the sports channels, said Patrick Tremblay, head of communications and public relations at Bell Media, owner of RDS. All emissions devices are designed and positioned to promote the appointment direct. “

The summer in front of the tv ?

Lovers will they see you when everything will start to move in the heart of the summer ? Without being spectacular, the ratings of the first sports to have picked up on the antenna are encouraging.

The first three Grands Prix of Formula 1 have registered an average of 200 000 viewers on RDS, results comparable to those obtained for the same dates last year, said Patrick Tremblay of Bell Media.

TVA Sports, 59 000 people have watched the first two games of the Montreal Impact.

“To bring people back to sports in the middle of the summer, in full pandemic of the COVID-19, it’s a nice challenge,” says Véronique Dubois, director of programs at TVA Sports. We don’t have the habit of watching the Canadian in a bathing suit. It has never been seen, the series during a heat wave ! “

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