TVA Sports: here he is again JiC, and Dave Morissette!

The animators Jean-Charles Lajoie and Dave Morissette will return the bar to their issuance of the respective on TVA Sports on Tuesday.

The day-to-day “JiC” and “Dave Morissette en direct” will be again presented from Monday to Friday, but will now have a format to an hour. The first will be released in 17 h, while the second will start after the sports events presented in the evening.

Sports enthusiasts will find their staff favorites, who will join the facilitators via phone, FaceTime or Skype.

Recall that on Monday, 23 march, TVA Sports had to temporarily halt the production of “JiC” and “Dave Morissette en direct because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus. The TVA had made this decision to comply with the directives of the government of Quebec.

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