Two appearances in the final, two different roles

Two appearances in the final, two different roles

Tyler Seguin is not his first appearance in the Stanley Cup Final, but the star forward for the Dallas Stars has seen his role change dramatically since his last stint at this stage of the playoffs.

From his rookie season, with the Boston Bruins in the 2010-2011 season, Seguin was able to taste victory when the Massachusetts team overcame the Vancouver Canucks in seven games to lift the precious trophy.

At the end of his third season in the National Hockey League, Seguin was traded to Dallas, where he quickly became one of the team's leaders.

“Maturity has embarked,” said Seguin, passing through the Men in Blazers podcast on Thursday. When I got to Dallas we were winning 5-4, 6-5 and losing 7-6. All those games were fun hockey. There was a time when I scored a hat trick in our amphitheater and we still lost. It's a time I think about it and ask myself, “How can you score a hat trick and lose?” That's when I changed my mindset. You have to put your ego aside. ”

Seguin was inspired by his memories with the Bruins to shape his role as a leader.

“At my first practice in Boston, I saw Zdeno Chara and I've seen big guys before, but nothing like it,” added the No. 91 Stars. There's already a lot of pressure at 18 to make the adjustment between playing boys versus men, and suddenly you've got – I don't know what you can call it – but he's more than a man. , he's so imposing, he's a beast. Plus he's the ultimate leader, so with all of those elements together and I was blown away from day one. ”

Seguin will now try to get his hands on his second Stanley Cup. He will first try to level the series in Game 4 against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Friday in Edmonton. The Florida team has a 2-1 lead.

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