Two churches, two worldviews – two of Ukraine

Две церкви, два мировоззрения – две Украины

Confrontation on the grounds of religion does not lead to peace and creation

For announced 14 October 2019 protest nationalists “Hi capturas!”, against the initiative of peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbas through the “formula of Steinmeier”, somehow unnoticed was the big religious holiday of Intercession of the most Holy lady Theotokos and ever-virgin Mary. At least for me and my environment. After all, our thoughts were more preoccupied with the actions of the nationalists than in things spiritual.

Of course, natural curiosity prompted me to find out what lived in this period, Ukraine Church, believer. What did the leaders of Ukrainian churches to his congregation. What sense to put the primates in his sermon on the day October 14 day of Intercession.

I decided to compare said Metropolitan Onufry and Epiphanius in obrashenii his congregation after the service.

Frankly, without equivocation, for example, his Beatitude Onufry was talking about things human, with an emphasis on compliance with the laws of God: “On the path of fulfilling the commandments of man finds all he needs for life on earth and life in heaven. The man, following by the Gospel commandments, builds his life on God’s Laws, not the laws of sin, and has the blessing of God in his earthly life and in eternal life.”

But Epifania I clearly felt outreach component: “…not by chance, even in those distant times of our ancestors, in particular the Cossacks, always, starting a new business, first built a Church in honour of the Intercession of our lady. And, half a century ago, the soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army also gave himself under the protection of the Mother of God”.

The statement of Epiphanius at least 7 times mentioned the word “independence”. This indicates the thrust of the meaning of the thoughts that Epiphany trying to convey to the mind of his flock.

And this idea is based mainly on the concepts of temporal, forming the congregation ptsu appropriate view on the role and meaning of the Church in the life of the layman. Unfortunately, this role is reduced to the trivial agitation and propaganda policy by the current government.

Of course, the independence of powers is good and should be so. But, in my subjective opinion, “independence” amid mention in the preaching traditions of the UPA – term, more political and is directly related to the anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA, 1942) than to the feast of the Intercession of the most Holy lady Theotokos and ever-virgin Mary. And this despite the fact that in the Ukrainian society related to the activities of the UPA is far from unambiguous.

In the same sermon, his Beatitude Onufry about the same time, if not more often mentions the word “prayer” and “life”.

In my opinion, this is exactly what the Church to do – to instruct the person literally “the path”, directing his thoughts on unity, creativity and the search for Truth. Politicians leaving the state building and other things with this process are associated.

And if the UOC for some Ukrainians – a beacon on the path to perfection of the spirit, ptsu (thanks to the speeches of her Ministers) of the Church resembles a combat unit, a team that promotes the actions of the secular authorities based on the failure of a different opinion. Perhaps that’s the point and function of the Church?

The logical conclusion – figures from ptsu forget, and in fact, deny the main principle of Christianity, to which they rank themselves either by mistake, or intentionally. This principle is concluded in forgiveness.

Forgiveness is possible through understanding. But, to understand his opponents nor the Ministers of the DNC, nor their members, yet do not want to.

This is their main mistake, and possibly evil intent.

P.S. The 14th of October, for a long time, on the territory of Ukraine – a special day. But, unfortunately, today the peculiarity of it is expressed not so much theological arguments about humility and forgiveness, as the confrontation between ideological models of development of Ukrainian society that has divided our country.

But the opposition of, well, nothing leads to peace and creation.Kalinichenko Alexey

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