Two close to the RN found “the localist party”

    Two close to the RN found “the localist party”

    Two close to the National Gathering, the MEP Hervé Juvin, elected on the RN list in 2019, and Andrea Kotarac, from rebellious France and head of the RN list in the metropolis of Lyon in the municipal elections, announced Tuesday, December 15, in the Figaro and the Parisian, want to found in January 2021 “the localist party”, to focus on ecology, identity, or territories, in “Complement” of the RN, traditionally more centralizing.

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    The essayist Hervé Juvin, elected in fifth place on the RN list for Europeans but who is not a member of the party, chairs the foundation of the European Identity and Democracy group of which the RN is a member with its European allies. Former LFI regional adviser Andrea Kotarac is his parliamentary assistant. The two men intend to promote “A decision as close as possible to the territories, authentic ecology or short circuits”, and publish a long manifesto, entitled “With us! “, who believes that “French no longer have a say” facing a “Parisian technocracy above ground”, and that they have a “Feeling of dispossession and anger”.

    “Visibility welcome”

    The two managers ensure that “The renewal of localism and identities is a factor of integration”. “With us! it’s the opposite of living alone with your screen, it’s together at the local café, after school or at the football match ”, argues Hervé Juvin. Their initiative is not directed against “Against the RN but next to it, in addition” party. The RN, which is culturally “Very demanding on sovereign functions, on centralization and verticality, needs to transform its vision of power by integrating this need for horizontality and local differentiation”, supports the MEP.

    “It’s because we are proud of the little homeland”, that is to say the village or region, “That we can defend the great homeland”, adds Andrea Kotarac, who defends a “Reinforcement of ideas, credibility” on artificial intelligence, subsidiarity, Europe or even social justice “That the RN or other parties do not wear enough”.

    They informed Marine Le Pen of their initiative, and the president of the RN welcomes “A partner approach that gives the essential concept of localism a welcome autonomy and visibility”.

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