Two Indians have died trying to conquer the third highest mountain in the world

Двое индийцев погибли, пытаясь покорить третью по высоте гору в мире

Two climbers from India died in the Himalayas, reports RIA “Novosti”. They tried to conquer the mountain Kangchenjunga is the third highest eight thousander in the world.

The Indians, 48-year-old Biplab Baidu and 46-year-old Kuntala the Karara, became ill on the outskirts of the top. They do not have time to pull the nearest camp to take them to the hospital.

The height of Kanchenjunga is 8586 meters above the sea level. It’s second only to Everest, with a height of 8848 meters and the top of K2 is 8611 meters.

A season of climbing in the Himalayas continues from March to end of may.

Earlier, the resident of Nepal, Kami Rita, the representative of the ethnic Sherpa, conquered Everest at 23 times. He holds the world record for number of ascents.