Two men appeared in the forest among the wolves, but what happened next is a miracle!

An incredible story about animals.

Двоє чоловіків опинилися в лісі серед вовків, але те що потім сталося це диво!

Little that can surprise us and awaken emotions, so as animals. Here’s another incredible story. Friends Sean and Baker, wanted to draw attention to a good cause, but they could not imagine that will feel this, reports Rus.Media.

The two friends hoped to open people’s eyes to the wolves in the preserve in Colorado, USA. Not knowing how the wolves would react, the guys were in the middle of the sanctuary and began to sing. No one, apparently, did not expect the reaction of the wolves.

Many of the wolves in the reserve in the past abused people. Sean Baker and the Baker look absolutely calm when they start to sing and play, but only a few seconds, the wolves begin to move between the trees and incredibly sing along.

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