two men indicted

    two men indicted

    Two men of 25 and 30 years old suspected of having sold to a young Alsatian the firework mortar which had torn off his head on New Year’s Eve have been indicted.

    The two men “were brought before an investigating magistrate and indicted on the count of manslaughter”, according to a spokesperson for the Strasbourg prosecutor’s office. They were also indicted for “willful injuries” and placed under judicial supervision, according to the prosecution.

    The two suspects were arrested on Wednesday near Boofzheim (Bas-Rhin), the town where the tragedy took place, then referred Thursday. They are suspected of having sold the victim, a 25-year-old, the mortar that took his head off on New Year’s Eve. “About fifty mortars” had also been seized from the home of one. them, said the Strasbourg prosecutor’s office on Thursday.

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    Head torn off

    On New Year’s Eve, the victim and one of his friends were on a street in Boofzheim handling mortar when the accident occurred. The 25-year-old had “his head torn off” while his friend, aged 24, had “his face damaged” and had to be hospitalized, according to the Bas-Rhin prefecture.

    Eric Klethi, the mayor of Boofzheim, had mentioned a probable “ignition delay” of the mortar: “he wanted to control the device and the rocket left at that time”.

    In Alsace, just like in neighboring Germany, firecrackers and fireworks traditionally resonate with force on New Year’s Eve, regularly leading to serious injuries and even death. But this year, the prefectures of Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin had banned the sale and purchase of fireworks throughout the month of December, in the face of health risks and the terrorist threat.

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