Two people died in a shoot-out between robbers with masks and police

Deux morts dans une fusillade entre des voleurs de masques et la police

Two people were killed Saturday at the Johannesburg international airport during an exchange of gunfire between the police and the thieves who had stolen equipment for the protection of health, announced the police.

“Suspects entered in the cargo of the airport and retention of personnel, weapons at the temple”, according to a press release from the police.

The police arrived on the spot at the time where the thieves fled in a vehicle. A chase and exchange of gunfire followed.

Two suspects were killed and five people wounded by bullets, including one who was at the scene.

The police has arrested seven suspects and seized the masks of protection, stolen by thieves, as well as three boxes of cell phones.

South Africa, where crime is very high, is the African country most affected by the pandemic COVID-19, with more than 350 000 cases confirmed, including 4948 death.

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