Two Quebec Canada s Drag Race

Deux Québécoises à Canada’s Drag Race

Two drag queens in quebec will take part in the all-new reality show Canada’s Drag Race. As of July, Kiara and Rita Baga compete against ten other contestants to win the title of first superstar of drag in Canada, in addition to the grand prize of $ 100,000.

Expected aired on OutTV and Crave this summer, Canada’s Drag Race is the new incarnation of the popular reality show american Rupaul’s Drag Race. Since its creation in 2009, this series has become a global phenomenon, importantly, tailored in Germany, Thailand, Chile and the United Kingdom. An australian edition is also expected soon.


Kiara and Rita Baga will be the only candidate in quebec taking part in Canada’s Drag Race, the rest of the cast have been drafted in Ontario and British Columbia. The season was filmed a few weeks ago, before the outbreak of the pandemic.


Challenges wacky

In the original version of Rupaul’s Drag Race, a band of drag queens (men masquerading as women, to the novice) compete against each other week after week to impress RuPaul and his guests. To achieve this, they must overcome a series of challenges that are often more silly than serious. At the end of each episode, the two aspirants who have offered the least good performance must compete in a duel of lipsync where all extravagances are allowed, who will determine which of them should pack up and leave the competition.

The canadian format, we promise it will be well stuck to the one that the viewers know – and appreciate – already, especially with the return of the classic challenges such as the “Snatch Game” (a version twisted ofAtoms in common) and the “library” (a well-cooked spontaneous where all shots are allowed).

The biggest difference ? RuPaul will not be at the helm of this new weekly appointment. Limiting itself to the tasks of a producer, he has entrusted the reins at the Toronto Brooke Lynn Hytes, a finalist on the 11th season of Rupaul’s Drag Race. It will be flanked by the permanent judges Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Stacey McKenzie for the duration of the season.

Canada’s Drag Race will be aired on the OutTV and Crave to 2 July.

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