Two Quebecers back to Syracuse

Deux Québécois de retour à Syracuse

With the optional activities that have been started in the NCAA, Quebecers have taken the lead of the United States.

With a letter from the University of Syracuse, the linebacker Geoffrey Cantin-Arku and the blocker Matthew Bergeron were able to clear customs in the course of the last few hours even if the borders between Canada and the United States are not yet reopened.

Cantin has passed his test of COVID-19, Tuesday, in the company of players arrived, coaches Orange, and support staff. It will have to comply with a confinement of 48 hours to see if symptoms develop before you begin training. Bergeron, himself, has left Victoriaville, Tuesday noon, and it will follow the same protocol. The return to training, the players will be separated into groups of ten and travel will be limited. The compulsory activities will begin on 6 July and the training camp will take flight at the beginning of August.

“This is a big year for me and I wanted to be there from the beginning, said Bergeron, who earned the starting job as a blocker right in the middle of the season last year following the departure of a veteran. I don’t want to stagnate. This is why I was frustrated to miss camp spring. I missed an opportunity to learn. On my return to Victoriaville in mid-march, I have been creative for me to train and I’m still motivated, but it’s not as fun to train as a team. “

Unfortunate Situation

For Cantin-Arku, it was also critical to point to Syracuse from the start. “Since this winter, I’m starting linebacker inside, mentioned the product of the Impulses of Garneau. With our new scheme (40), it is a bit the same thing as the job of the linebacker outside. All that matters to me is that I’m with the first group. “

Happy to put the collar back on, Bergeron, and Cantin-Arku have a good thought for their buddies in Quebec, the season is canceled for some that play in Ontario and have a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads for those who play in the RSEQ.

“I would be devastated if such a situation ever happen to me, summarizes Bergeron. We train nine months for a season of three months. It was scary at the end of march and early April with the high numbers and I wondered if our season was to take place. I’m really glad it’s going. “

“It is flat, what happens in Canada,” says Cantin. I’m glad to be in the United States. I’m not worried for the COVID-19. We are well surrounded and they have thought of lots of things to ensure our safety. “

Similar experiences

Beyond the COVID, the two teammates return to the United States in a period where racial tensions have been exacerbated by police brutality, which led to the death of George Floyd two weeks ago in Minneapolis.

The two players of color say they have been victims of racism on the part of the police growing up. “In Quebec, it is said that racism is much less than in the United States, but there are still a lot of prejudice,” says Cantin-Arku. Due to the racial profiling, I have had a lot of problems with the police of Levis over the years. I have had no problems since my arrival at Syracuse. I am not worried about returning to the United States. My mother is not said, but I don’t know. She is more worried about when I am in Levis because of my buddies. “

Born in Montreal, resident of Victoriaville and spent two years at Thetford Mines for his college studies, Bergeron also confirms to have been a victim of racial profiling by police officers. “When people claim that there is no racism in Quebec, this is wrong,” he says. People are not all in the same boat. There are open-minded people and others who are not. The brutality is a tick more in the United States, but all people of color that I know in Quebec have experienced bad experiences. I made myself stop many times by car when I went to work because they said that I answered the description of an individual. “

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