Two Quebecers in quarantine on a cruise ship: “It is really difficult for the whole family”

Deux Québécois en quarantaine sur un navire de croisière: «C’est vraiment difficile pour toute la famille»

The situation continues to be worrying for Bernard and Diane Ménard, these Quebecers placed in quarantine aboard the ship “Diamond Princess” Cruise,” on which the reported cases of coronavirus continue to multiply.

Alexia Ferreira, the granddaughter of the couple, admits that the last few days have been very difficult for his grandparents, but also for the family of Gatineau, who feels powerless in the circumstances.

“They are trying to keep the smile, but it is really difficult for them,” agreed the young woman Friday in an interview with the issuance of Mario Dumont.

“For us, the family, that for them, my grand-parents, it is scary to learn every day that there are new cases that are reported on the boat,” said Ms. Ferreira.

The boat’s captain made an announcement daily to passengers in order to make the point on the epidemic on board, she explained. Thursday evening, the captain announced that 41 new cases of coronavirus had been reported on the cruise ship quarantined off the coast of the city of Yokohama, Japan.

“We were on the phone with them and we heard the captain announce the 41 new cases, told Alexia Ferreira. He had a big moment of silence, it is really difficult for the whole family.”


Despite all the concern surrounding the situation, the family has at least had the confirmation that Diane Ménard – who suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels – had obtained a dose of troubleshooting in three days for his medication. A larger quantity should also be delivered in the next few days, hope the family.

Locked in their cabin

On the vessel for months, the passengers were landed on 4 February. The travellers are living a difficult situation, since they are confined in their cabin for 14 days.

“It is a dream journey that turns a bit into a nightmare for them,” said Alexia Ferreira. A medical student, she understood the extreme measures taken aboard the “Diamond Princess “Cruise” in order to limit the proliferation of the sars coronavirus.

“It is a virus that is not very well known for the time being, she stressed. The whole family understands the reasons for the quarantine, it is important to have good measures of protection.”

It is however a pity that his grandparents have to live the first forty locked up in their cabin on the boat, before living a second quarantine on their return to Canada.

The couple is confined to his cabin, but Mrs. Menard was able to go to the infirmary and get her drugs, told her granddaughter. Inside the room, the couple has access to Wi-Fi, a couple of movies and card games to pass the time.

The crew, however, has announced in recent hours that people can spend an hour at the outside to take the air, provided, of course, wear a mask, goggles and gloves.

“They begin with people who are in closed cabins, which have no windows, said Alexia Ferreira. Gradually, it will come to people who are in the booths with windows, which is the case of my grandparents.”

Bernard and Diane Ménard are part of the approximately 250 Canadians who are on the ship “Diamond Princess “Cruise”.

The latest report of the outbreak of the new coronavirus is state of 636 dead and 31 of 161 cases of contamination in China only.

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