Two thieves were deprived of winning the lottery by buying a ticket on someone else’s map

Двое воров лишились выигрыша в лотерею, купив билет на чужую карту

Two men from London can’t win big in the lottery, bought her ticket on a foreign map. The organizers of the lottery do not trust the winners because of their checkered past, reports

36-year-old mark Goodrum and 31-year-old John-Ross Watson won the lottery “Camelot” four million pounds, equivalent to approximately 334 million roubles in recalculation on the Russian currency. However, the ticket was bought on someone else’s debit card, according to the men, was purchased at the request of their friend John.

Phone number, address or the name of the comrade of mark and John Ross don’t know. They claim that they gave him cash, and he paid the ticket with the card.

The organizers of the lottery don’t believe in the story of “lucky” not only because of the implausibility, but due to his criminal past men: GOODRAM brought to justice for breaking the law 22 times, and behind his companion Watson – burglary.

Presumably, that thieves stole someone’s Bank card and bought it a ticket. The coupon is not worth a lot of money, so its purchase is not required to enter a PIN code.