Two UK women accused of stealing dogs in Oman and put in jail

Двух британок обвинили в краже собак в Омане и посадили в тюрьму

In Oman, two British women detained on charges of stealing dogs. 33-year-old Jennifer green and her friend deny everything. According to them, they were trying to save the animals that the owner left on the street under the scorching sun without water and food. This writes the tabloid

According to the publication, women working in the British Council in Muscat, teaching English to the staff of the Omani foreign Ministry.

Mike green brother of Jennifer – told reporters about his concern for his sister. According to men, British women in prison in terrible conditions for 20 days, as well as the ongoing Muslim Holy month of Ramadan, that no progress in their case does not occur.

Mike added that at first women had agreed to release when they agreed to pay dog owners 4000 pounds (335 thousand). However, later the deal was suspended. The court asked the guards to find out, did the Brits alcohol.

The British Council told reporters, what they know about the situation, which turned out to be a citizen of the United Kingdom in Muscat, and trying to help them. “We can’t discuss details of ongoing litigation and the expected results of due process by the authorities of Oman”, – said the representative of the British foreign service. He added that the diplomats are in close contact with colleagues from middle East States.