Two young motorists were driving at over 200 km/h on highway 132 near Matane

Police officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) have intercepted two young speeders, one of whom was under 18 years of age and had a probationary licence, for having rolled both at a speed bewildering to more than 200 km/h on route 132, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

The careless have been identified to 16h, Tuesday, by a policeman who was conducting an operation control of the speed at Baie-des-Sables.

On the provincial road, where the speed limit is 90 km/h, the two men from Matane, who would know him, “followed it a distance” in each vehicle and in the company of a passenger, explained the spokesman of the SQ Claude Doiron.

The driver has minor, whose age was not provided, received a ticket of$ 957 and 24 demerit points. The driver of the second vehicle, 19-year-old, received a fine of 2058$ and 24 demerit points. Their driving licences were suspended for a period of seven days.

In both cases, the passengers had a valid driver’s license, took the wheel after the intervention of the police.

The two young men did not seem to make a run, but the police investigation continues, and this hypothesis is not excluded, said Mr. Doiron.

“The difference between the two fines is explained by the fact that for a person of age a minor, the amount of the fines is different to the code of road safety and also by the fact that, in the present case, the recorded speeds were slightly different although above 200 km/h when the same in the two cases,” said the policeman.

Since the beginning of the confinement, the SQ has issued a number of press releases to denounce large speeding across the province, which gives the impression that this type of crime is on the rise. However, according to Mr. Doiron, nothing indicates that this is the case.

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