Tylovikov Tajikistan: the heroism of those who went to the front

PHOTO : Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation


From Tajikistan to the front during the great Patriotic war left 300 million people. Didn’t come back home every second. But the victory brought not only soldiers and officers. In the rear in the Soviet Republic worked adults and children. Those who supplied the army, met the correspondent of “MIR 24” Zarina Abdunazarova.

Notice Abdullayeva 90 years old. But she well remembers how the Great Patriotic war, as it was hard. It started working in 12 years a shepherd on the farm. Have had cake, milk was only for the wounded.

“To us in Kanibadam brought a lot to the hospital people. Already wounded. No legs, no hands. Mother, a milkmaid, and I am a shepherd. And the milk I drove to the hospital. And here in the hospital my first medal,” she shared.

In the years of war the Republic was the evacuation hospitals. Only 29 and 22 of them were in Dushanbe. This brought seriously of the red army.

“The most difficult call in 1942, was then the most fierce battles for Stalingrad, Sevastopol and the Caucasus and was a large influx of wounded. Many were burned, mostly pilots and tank crews. Then at the local hospital, has developed a special ointment and essential oils for healing wounds”, – said the Deputy chief physician at children’s hospital of Isfandiar Nadirov

“Death to the German invaders” – this slogan was subordinated to the hard work of the Komsomol in Tajikistan. They performed a day for 2-3 or more replacement rules. Dozens of companies and shops sewn military clothing, footwear, made weapons, collected trucks and tractors, spun yarn.

Lots of fruit and vegetables sent to the front. In the North of the country the preserves of the young nuts, to maintain immunity.

“During the Great Patriotic war, Tajikistan has given the country nearly 700 tons of grain, 36 thousand tons of meat and thousands of meters of silk fabrics. To the front there were over 150 cars with gifts, only to besieged Leningrad, 50 cars,” – said the Chairman of the Council of veterans of war and labor Tajikistan Rakhmat Kudratov.

For valiant labor in the great Patriotic war more than 100 thousand people of Tajikistan were awarded with medals.