Typical signs of a person with victim syndrome

Типичные признаки человека с синдромом жертвы 

The victim syndrome in psychology — a condition in which a man who feels powerless against the world around, considers himself a victim of other people’s actions or circumstances.What are the main features of the behavior of the person with victim syndrome?Complains of the government, the authorities, neighbors and life in selametli you communicate with the person whose life is because the government is corrupt, and the neighbors are too noisy, you know that it is one of the signs of victim thinking. People do not want to think in terms of “I”, he blames a range of people and circumstances, which can not affect.To oberaltenallee such a person is simple. Said not in that tone, did not call back, not invited — and the offense is already here. And if you deny them something, you can be sure that you definitely fell into the category of people who don’t know how to make friends and to help.Makes pretentieloos with the victim syndrome too often cranky. And especially what you like it is. And he needs you to redo it. He will try to reward you with guilt for your shortcomings. Communicating with such a person, remember that the problem is not you. No matter how you changed and tried to please, you only make it worse and get stuck in manipulative relationships even stronger.Diminish sebastain they can only sympathize, because it is very difficult to live in a state of worthlessness and inferiority. Some directly Express their low self-esteem, calling himself unworthy and flawed, others carefully hide that feeling for external aggression.Splitcamera did not really can do in your life, so gossip about someone else. Discussing someone else’s failures, this person feeds off energy and if growing in your eyes.”Obsusolivaet” problematic with the victim syndrome does not know how to solve problems, they discuss them. And even if the problem was in the past, they are still difficult to let go, to step over and move on.If you find that these signs describe you, news Agency “Express news” in a hurry to comfort you: awareness is the first and very important step on the way to its solution. Only you are responsible for their own fate and way of thinking. We inspire you every day to change for the better!

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