Tyson said his ex-wife cheated on him with brad pitt

Тайсон рассказал, как его бывшая жена изменяла ему с Брэдом Питтом

Famous American heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, in his book “Undisputed truth” told about how one day caught his wife Robin Givens in bed with actor brad pitt. The Hollywood star pleaded with the drivers to beat him.

However, according to Tyson, even after that spouse has not ceased to cheat on him with pitt. At least he saw them in his car at her house after a divorce.

Meanwhile, Givens in a recent TV show “Watch what happens” with Andy Cohen on TV commented on the words of boxer.

The host asked the model if it’s true, what you wrote about what her ex-husband. Givens replied, partly Yes.

“As for the case in the car, it’s true. We just spoke after pitt drove me home. I have not read his book, but the fact that he caught us in bed, pure lies, this has never happened before,” said Robin.

Earlier it was reported that Mike Tyson has talked about how during the tour in 1986, he almost got into a fight with this silver gorilla. For the opportunity to hit a huge monkey he was offered the superintendent of the new York zoo 10 thousand dollars.